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Italian face is a kind of cate of world popularity, main hair results from Italy, the flavour of this kind of cooked wheaten food is pure and fresh and natural, contain strong exotic interest, it is a kind of superexcellent food that experiences exotic amorous feelings, the practice of Italian face is very simple actually, want to be able to be made inside the home only finish, italian face looks how to be done below the simplest.

How is Italian face done the simplest?

Practice one:

1) water is entered in boiler, salt and half spoon olive oil are put after water leaves, put Italian face, after according to noodle the time on the bag that pack has been boiled, fish out crosses cold water, put strainer in, enter olive oil of additionally half spoon, agitate, in case noodle adhesion is together.

2) transfer into in beef stuffing cooking wine, souse 5 minutes. Cut tomato and onion bead, garlic is pressed into mud. Green pepper goes the base of a fruit goes cutting silk after seed.

3) oil is entered in boiler, wait for oil 8 when becoming heat, break up into beef stuffing fry to after becoming angry, fill1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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How is Italian face done the simplest?
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4) boiler abluent after burning heat, enter oil, wait for oil 7 when becoming heat, put mincing onion man, tomato man and mashed garlic, fry sweet hind enter Italian face sauce, transfer into black peppery, sweetgrass breaks and be born after smoking, fry 3 minutes with scoop. Enter beef stuffing, with green pepper silk, wait for molten of green pepper silk can.

5) put Italian face dish in, drench on sauce, it is better to scatter pink of a few cheeses to taste, do not have some words, notShanghai noble baby

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How is Italian face done the simplest?

Practice 2:

1, boil a face first, oneself are tasted ripe OK.

2, the fish out after the area has been boiled will have unload cold water, begin equipment sauce next.

3, enter olive oil, notice notFall in love with the sea

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Of the nutrient composition of bad olive oil, mix mincing green garlic, put in diced meat break up fry (diced meat bloats beforehand best) join onion and chili next.

4, put tomato or be tomato, break its jab with scoop, the boiler on the lid covers small fire boil in a covered pot over a slow fire, impose salt and fine of a bit chicken next.

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