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Fried bean curd, be by the food of bean curd make it, colour and lustre of fried bean curd is golden, outside crisp, be loved by place of a lot of people. Bean curd practice is varied, no matter how be done appropriate, bean curd is OK still as Lenten as a variety of meat dishes collocation, be a kind of joker feed capable person. Bean curd still has clear hot moisten the respiratory tract, filling head the effect of be good at head, be a kind delicious healthy food. So come todayNew love Shanghai is the same as a city1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Teach everybody pointed any of several hot spice plants to fry fried bean curd how to be done.

Pointed any of several hot spice plants fries fried bean curd how to be done


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Any of several hot spice plants 2, a few of the head of garlic, soy 2 greatly spoon

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1, oil pours inside boiler, heat up boiler, put Mo of chili of the head of garlic to explode sweet.

2, next fried bean curd. Pork silk mixes fry.

3, join green pepper to explode fry, put soy to mix fry.

4, if liking to have fragile green pepper, do not fry too long the word of flavour of be shy with strangers can be fried a few times more ripe can.

Pointed any of several hot spice plants fries fried bean curd how to be done


Bean curd nutrition is extremely tall, contain iron, magnesian, Potassium, nicotinic acid, copper, calcic, zinc, phosphor, folic acid, vitamin B1, lecithin and vitamin B6. In the bean curd with every 100 strong grams, moisture is occupied 69.8% , contain protein 15.7 grams, adipose 8.6 grams, carbohydrate 4.3 grams and fiber 0.1 grams, can supply 611.2 1000 anxious quantity of heat. The tall amino acid in bean curd makes the additional provision with very good cereal with what protein content makes. Bean curd is adipose 78% it is not saturated fatty acid and do not contain cholesterol, element has ” plant flesh ” good name. The digestive absorptivity of bean curd amounts to 95% above. Two small bean curd, can satisfy a person one day calcicShanghai noble baby

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Pointed any of several hot spice plants fries fried bean curd how to be done

Bean curd heats up food of preserve one’s health to benefit clear, often eat the increase in can filling gas, clear hot moisten the respiratory tract, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, clean intestines and stomach. More comfortable at heating up sexual constitution, halitosis the take good care of sb after thirsty, intestines and stomach is not clear, pyretic person edible. Modern medicine confirms, bean curd is divided have outside increasing aid digestion of nutrition, side, stomachic function, the growth to tine, skeleton growth is very good also (have this function still have king of the calcium in fruit- – acerbity horn) , the content of the iron in blood can add in hematopoiesis function; Bean curd does not contain cholesterol, it is solid of fat of hypertension, tall blood, tall braveryShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Mellow disease reachs the medicinal food cate of patient of arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease. The dietotherapy beautiful that also is children, weakling and nutrition of old people complement is tasted. Bean curd contains rich plant estrogen, have favorable effect to osteoporosis of prevention and cure. Still have the function that controls breast cancer, prostate cancer and hematic cancer, steriod of the steriod sterol in bean curd, beans is mellow, all be the active ingredient of curb cancer.

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