Cave in of 81 big bridges sends Fujian Shao fierce death of one old person already practiced traffic control before this (graph)

81 big bridges produce Fujian Shao connecting with the boxing skill cave in the spot (the netizen offers a plan)

81 big bridges produce Fujian Shao connecting with the boxing skill cave in the spot

81 big bridges produce Fujian Shao connecting with the boxing skill the cave in g爱上海同城手机版

ets hurt personnel is carried to go out

81 big bridges produce Fujian Shao connecting with the boxing skill cave in

Controlled at 14 o’clock on August 30 afternoon, the 81 big bridges of city of smooth Shao fierce austral Fujian produce a collapse, already caused death of one old person at present. Fire control of local public security 120 already all reached accident ground, spreading out insecurity to come to help in order, at present the personnel that be buried is rescued. The reporter is understanding a situation further.

Say according to witnessing a netizen construction square staff member said yesterday, the bridge in fearing those上海千花网

pedestrians are passed really, although be scolded by the pedestrian,they still are in persuade, hope everybody notices safety, obedience applies the advise of work staff. Construction just says the accident causes the collapse today one person is injured, had sent a hospital.

Additionally the netizen calls 81 big bridges collapse of old bridge share, street of person of conditions or feelings of the lower levels of the bridge when oppugning the bridge to blow up did not pull cordon. If be scamper bridge, before also does nobody look is there nobody below the bridge? The child runs in disorder, very dangerous. Below the bridge several people hear the somebody in caboodle of cave in bridge to wail. Very horrible.

[traffic control already was practiced before big bridge cave in]

Each car unit, broad citizen:

Show 81 big bridges by on, composition of below 3 medium, bridges, intermediate bridge is built at going up century 60 time, for ferroconcrete double arched bridge, it is bridge of 4 kinds of danger via detecting, put in hidden danger of safety of great liaison man, need to encircle above part to demolish to bridge arch rebuild, this project includes municipal government looked for solid item of run by the local people 2014. It is facilitating construction and safety of pedestrian of safeguard vehicular traffic, the decision practices traffic control to 81 big bridges, all cars are circled please more Wang Daqiao, east Guan Daqiao travel, autocycle, bicycle, pedestrian asks director of obedient spot staff to pass through.新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

Traffic control time on August 18, 2014 7:00 when to on Feburary 15, 2015 18:00 when.

Hereby announce

Group of pointsman of public security bureau of Shao fierce city

81 big bridges of Shao fierce city transform project project manger department


Shao Wu 81 big bridges only then build at going up century the fifties, it is the main bridge of traffic of north and south of Shao fierce urban district, increase because of traffic after, undertook extend 1996, show the bridge 40 meters wide, two-way two driveway, motor vehicle and blame motor-driven driveway use greenbelt to keep apart. 81 big bridges are located in upper reaches of crossing of north of Shao fierce water 250 meters of place, the bridge is 380 meters long, 30 meters wide, span Fu Tunxi, highway of the Wu Taining that it is Shao and the link that establish in relief fir to close line road are in.

This bridge is by the Fujian Province highway learns those who build to design and be participated in. Complete bridge has 12 big pier, the upper part of every big pier has 4 small bridge opening each. Such design saved sanded stone cement namely, can reduce the weight of the bridge again. Bridge floor divides geminate driveway, car goes among, both sides goes person. There is 新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

greenbelt in the center of double driveway.

The course that is Wu Min of Fujian Province Shao to carry traffic carries limited company to release according to an inscribe adjusts an announcem上海龙凤论坛sh1f

ent, shao Wu Min carries traffic carries limited company to receive city traffic bureau to inform, come from August 18, 2014 to Shao Wu 81 big bridges practiced traffic control on Feburary 15, 2015, prohibit motor vehicle is current. Accordingly, this department bus changes a line to make relevant adjust. The inscribe date of this announcement is: On August 15, 2014.

Fujian Province hair changes appoint the 81 big bridges of city of a Shao Wu that the website announces transform announcement of project invite public bidding to also show, 81 big bridges of Shao fierce city are undertaking transforming construction. The relevant news that progress of Shao fierce city and reform bureau announce by May also shows, 81 big bridges of Shao fierce city transform a project to collapse in this the bridge has begun constructi上海千花社区

on before accident happening, construction time limit for a project is 1 year. (Tecent news reports integratedly)

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Outspread read: Fujian Shao fierce much person of cave in of 81 big bridges is injured 81 big bridges produce connecting with the boxing skill of Shao of Fujian of newest spot picture the cave in is much renown personnel is buried to get hurt (group plan)

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