Is Fujian each district solstitial is folk consuetudinary what is there? Solstitial what should eat into filling preserve one’s health?

December 22 is s上海夜网

olstitial day, solstitial call potlatch again, north and south square consuetudina上海贵族宝贝论坛

ry and differ, north eats wonton and dumpling normally, what south eats stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup is consuetudinary. Medicine fills be inferior to feeding fill. What folk does solstitial Fujian each district have consuetudinary?


Fuzhou: Is Fuzhou solstitial what to eat? Is Fuzhou solstitial what is there consuetudinary?

Pu Tian: Is area of Pu celestial being solstitial what folklore is there?

Fontal city: Solstitial now off year wraps up Jing Zu to ate dumpling to eat solstitial circle to grow one year阿爱上海同城

old again

Zhangzhou: Zhangzhou person is traditional: Solstitial every family wants rub circle one case

Longyan: Is Longyan area solstitial what folk is there consuetudinary? The practice of cake of solstitial bag ghost

3 bright: Are 3 bright each district solstitial what is there consuetudinary? 3 does Ming Dong come what to eat?

Na Ping: Is Fujian north area solstitial what custom is there consuetudinary? Does Na Pingdong come what to eat?

Solstitial time preserve one’s health advances the 3 big principles that fill:

One should have heat preservation function. Eat more namely can increase heat energy to furnish, contain a lot ofthe food of adipose, protein and carbohydrate, include the pork kind, egg kind, fish and bean products.

2 should have drive cold function. Medicine considers to make clear, the person is afraid of cold as mineral as the lack inside its body about. Accordingly, should notice complement is mineral. The Chinese is with food crops commonly raise, 5 fruit are aid, 5 cultivate are for beneficial, 5 dish fill. Want impartiality to feed only, can assure human body to wait for mineral demand to上海贵族宝贝交流区

potassium, iron, natrium. Special cold-blooded the person can complement more the vegetable of skin of belt of root of a few edges. The expert thinks, this kind of greens grows in soil, its are contained in a ministry and leather carapace many mineral reach nutriment.

3 should have the function that prevent dry. Winter climate is dry, people often has bazoo dry of dry, tongue, skin is weather-shack wait for a symptom, compensatory vitamin B2 and vitamin C are very necessary. Vitamin B2 is put in the liver of the animal, egg, breast more; Vitamin C main consist in is fresh in vegetable and fruit.

Solstitial into上海龙凤论坛


Solstitial it is to take the optimal time that fill at上海龙凤论坛

any time, but also cannot fill especially greatly, give the body proper nourishing, let you be in this winter warmth, healthy hibernate.

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