Surpass women’s volleyball of 3 armour Lang Ping or China of will heavy strike with the palm of the hand 4 years without large award of predestined relationship women’s volleyball continuously

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ng Ping or women’s volleyball of China of will heavy strike with the palm of the hand continuously?  paralysis?2017-08-08 10:34 Http://

Total final of competition of large award of world women’s volleyball fell a few days ago 2017 next heavy curtain, chinese team is in battle of season army contention 1: 3 negative Yusaierweiya, obtain the 4th. This has been Chinese team does not have a predestined relationship 4 years continuously this match 3 armour. Achievement of Chinese women’s volleyball is not quite ideal, the outside is intentional manage preparation before contest. But in the match, chinese women’s volleyball still exposes a wave motion to rely on Zhu Ting greatly, overly, and executive bishop practice settles down the problem that outstanding palm controls team ability to be not worth. And these problems or the process that will accelerate Lang Ping to take over a women’s volleyball.

Zhu Ting gets hurt women’s volleyball turn things upside down

In current women’s volleyball large award surpasses total final to go up, chinese women’s volleyball exposes exposed the biggest question is play is not stabilized, the group surpasses level two Lian Sheng, enter knockout two battle all are lost. The close of 6 troops actual strength that enters total final, the expression that Chinese women’s volleyball ors after raise first, let a person look not to understand indeed.

If must search an account, the Chinese women’s volleyball that is recently then suffers from went up serious ” Zhu Ting depends on disease ” , zhu Ting is in, chinese women’s volleyball is OK sweep anything away everything; Once Zhu Ting is not in on field, the actual 阿爱上海同城

strength of Chinese women’s volleyba新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ll fell a class, the hope of team is scant also.

In the match that surpasses team of total final China and Italian team in large award, of Zhu Ting get hurt suddenly from let Chinese group became little not only the stablest notch dot, the psychology that also caused teammate at the same time is fluctuant, the team is immersed in the condition that be in a state of utter stupefaction, fail to adjust all the time come over, zhu Ting leaves this paragraph of time of field, chinese team each link lag behind at Italy in the round, can saying is to rectified a team to fall a class, too the problem that counts Zhu Ting is shown without involuntary discharge of urine.

Because Zhu Ting is right team is very important, the Ji Jun that surpasses total final in large award contends for battle, have the Zhu Ting in the body still head give out, but the play that injury affected Zhu Ting after all, chinese women’s volleyball still loses, get the 4爱上海同城

th only. Present issue came, if Zhu Ting cannot attendant go up, how should Chinese women’s volleyball adjust ability tactics, take out enough beforehand case, this is about to see work force of the coach. From look at present, executive coach settles down outstanding still do not have the capacity in team of critical juncture mediate.

Man is made the same score or take over regression the women’s volleyball

Because Lang Ping finishs,still be in after the operation rehabilitation, cannot head a group temporarily, it is to carry out episcopal practice to settle down all the time since this year outstanding belt line. This man makes the same score forme爱上海同城

r assistant, be inferior to Lang Ping for certain on overall situation view, but if the women’s volleyball all responsibility of existent problem push his body, also have break evenhanded.

Really, settle down the palm that outstanding contrast surpasses rhythm accuses affirmation and Lang Ping to have difference. But settle down outstanding it is a novice after all, and the job that he takes a line at present exercises new talent namely. Since the coach is new personality, team also is given priority to with new team member, be about to allow a family to lose a ball, allow the family errs. Criticize severely settle down outstanding be inequity apparently.

Nevertheless, be in in view of Chinese women’s volleyball the special place in compatriots heart, the outside tolerates to what the women’s volleyball loses a ball have limit. Once settle down outstanding feel pressure is enormous, besides Lang Ping, still do not have the 2nd person to dare take over a women’s volleyball really. According to women’s volleyball team member Hui Reqi discloses, man爱上海同城论坛

of women’s volleyball total coach makes the same score hopeful to reappear in great champion cup, visit competition ground commander, once Lang Ping is returned to, the coach directs not good at problem nature to be able to get settlement immediately.

Of course, if the team always cannot leave Lang Ping, adverse to the long-term development of Chinese women’s volleyball. This, lang Ping is the clearest, consequently, although she is returned to finally, also can notice to promote young coach, grow as soon as possible rise replace her.

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