” anthem ” equipment affix updates detail drop to be installed in vain no longer after 30 class

Yesterday ” anthem ” chief producer Ben Irving expresses to hope 上海千花网

on Twitter ” will undertake updating to booty tomorrow ” , and he himself goes up in Reddit today was to release development group to alter to the character of booty first detail, what at the same time leak client carries is newer will be in the United States mid time 28 day or the line on March 1. Full text is as follows: Thank all everybody feedback to booty very much above all, the main problem that the response of player of a few main problems that we hear is below is very much affix is trashy to article i爱上海同城

tself; needs to obtain because of this player same the many masters degree of an article equips, the affix; with good in an attempt to because this, the working principle that the player wants to increase what master degree equips to drop rate player to want us to change affix of master degree article, let them become ” more useful ” newer plan affix of the government is more useful to the article of oneself: If an affix applies to oneself article only,apply to the goods that makes newly only (gear sign affix) , so it is met for certain this article is useful. Otherwise if, affix will be right machine armour itself is benefited. For instance an assault musket, it won’t have pair of other goods to have gain effect (the affix that adds handgun harm for instance) , it may have the extensive affix that increases electrical shock harm, the equipment that after applying to report to tie Build 30 course, drops has white outfit and green clothes no longer (the government states this is voice is the at present biggest, do not have other plan besides) decreased to forging the data that place of master degree equipment needs, reduce 15 from ashes of 25 masters degree. Such players can make more master degree weapons, more odds obtains the affix that wants to find. Affix is more useful to article itself now, alter because of what this reduces material also can produce better result about affix other alter generalize very hard with a few words, but I as far as possible. If we need to add more information, we can be updated later. Current: The affix that has a lot of can be added on article, affix compares a type to change (for i爱上海

nstance we上海贵族宝贝交流区

apon) . Article of every master degree has 4 affix: Subject compose, adverbial compose, class of primary and secondary, deputy sub alter: Every article category has a special affix now, these affix are smaller, apply to their oneself only. For instance before have library of affix of a weapon, and there is library of affix of an assault musket now, and the every affix type with listed to above library of assault musket affix has 4 affix pool. Subject compose is dedicated now at harm or viability, the affix of any article (gear sign affix) always can let this article be benefited, the extensive affix of face of machine Party A (affix of person entity mark) harm those who increase whole machine armour or live quality. Adverbial compose is dedicated at practical, apply to equipment or Reddit of whole machine armour is textual: Http上海龙凤论坛



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