Do not turn over pilfer edition to also make money! ” the war that this is me ” year income passes 100 million

With traditional game development business perhaps issues business posture to compare, small group does not have the advantage on capital already in independence, also do not have the advantage on resource. So, independent development business is destined to cannot resemble the game content that a maturity seeks like big company, make small innovation next, because besides charge of big without 3A group, other without level of ten million dollar research and development, you also did not count the sale cost of ten million dollar at every turn, accordingly, we watch the Euramerican independence of a lot of successes to develop business instead, besides the dream that pursues oneself actively besides them, innovation also is existent only way.

” the war that this is me ” (This War Of Mine) it is an independent game, not only PC edition released 2 days to call in cost of research and development, still obtained 95% above in Steam platform reputably. Recently, malic company is in 40 multilateral gave its hand to swim edition is optimal the big plan that replaces game is recommended, IPhone and IPad platform accumulative total got 1570 times commendatory. Swim according to PC and hand the price of edition (19.99 dollars and 9.99 dollars) , year of income of this independent game is already broken 100 million (20 million dollar is controlled) , for the group that controls to a 40 people, this income level can have passed to go up very moist day, the investment of 11Bit Studios of besides development business in sale respect is very low, its profit can is not actually less than home appear on the market company.

More those who make a person incomprehensible is, the game of 19.99 dollars rolled out this price at the same time free edition, let do not think the players that pay fee also can experience game, someone can say probably, is this small CP mad? Hit pilfer edition to still have not enough time every day, put your drink the northweat wind-have nothing to eat freely? So, how is this polish independent atelier to make ” the war that this is me ” and gain 130 million right-and-left income? Look please small write brought detailed introduction:

What differ with a lot of game is, ” the war that this is me ” originality is not to come from at other sport inspire, come from the history and real life however. The Pawel Miechowski that occupies atelier of 11 Bit Studios discloses, the creation inspiration of this game comes from a few real stories. He expresses, oneself elder brother (namely atelier CEO Grzegorz Miechowski) be interested very much to the history, reading the article of a few concerned wars at that time, understand people how to live in the war come down. The 11Bit Studios at that time is having brains storm for game project, grzegorz told a few war stories that yield a person to astonish to the group, and state this can regard a very good game as the theme, then this game entered phase of research and development.

After reading article of very much real battle story, grzegorz discovery, the body harm that the war leaves to the person is not the most terrible, and the despair that the war brings and the scared ability to death are for a long time hard of be pacified. Although game name is called ” the war that this is me ” , but here does not have kill, can not foster the hero that can save the world, also do not have extensive grand grand warlike setting, the dilapidated walls that uses Shui Mofeng however, cloudy background music is dramatic of figure depict the brutal picture that gives a war, dark, dreariness and depressive atmosphere are almost perforative game from beginning to end, let a person can’t help remembering promote, common people suffers from; to die, what common people suffers from is n wailful.

Someone says this game is the plot with narrative very strong sex, but you find a true story masterstroke very hard however, more it is players encounter different game situation to develop respective old practice, the cruelty that lets human body encounter contend for from different point of view and undertake thinking over. An observer that played nearly 50 hours expresses in Steam community, the war in my impression kind should be to lift a gun to fight, destroy the enemy, guard home. However this game chose another angle civilian however, how does a civilian live in warlike crack, the essence that you think no longer here allows marksmanship, or strategic eye, more be pair of human nature is torturous.

11Bit Studios atelier held water 2009, have 5 individual composition only at first, it is before the developer of CD Projekt and Metropolis Software group, in September 2010 portion ability is formal incorporate, as ” the war that this is me ” successful, this company’s current group has been controlled in 40 people, became many groups not overly, one group is in charge of continueing to blow hard to this content of research and development, one group does new project, a group of responsible research and development ” Games Republic ” , still have a few member responsible QA and of each projects manufacture.

The game of warlike theme in the market not scarce, no matter be cold enginery or high-tech, politic game or FPS,had had not little become famous your work appears, however, the 40 people dimensions that even if is nowadays is very difficult also make and ” mission call ” , ” battleground ” or ” alloy equips ” the work that waits for game compare, so 11Bit Studios can make a game of different warlike subject matter only. Ever held the position of ” the war that this is me ” the Kacper Kwiatkowski of advanced stylist represents the project, at the beginning this company is very clear should do paragraph and one other battle kind the work with different game, this to me, mean the warlike game that makes first be jumping-off place with civilian angle, so design respect must be with what differ usually, this domain can be copied without off-the-peg formula, because this kind of game still has been done not have.

Because the theme of game is great depressive, players often can experience brutal sex of the war, so Kwiatkowski thinks before release this game is little numerous theme, the likelihood can be loved by one fraction player only, however the fact proved this tentative idea is a mistake, people still likes to bring surprizing game to them, as a small group, innovation is only outlet probably.

He says, we must be faced, you are not done piece than ” mission call ” better congener game, but should do one paragraph comparing ” the war that this is me ” better game does not have so high cost, this kind of game can become the No.1 of respective domain naturally. I am to say designing what provide a challenge more than game is, competition is bigger, your game shows itself to jump over difficulty. Of course, our game is an unusual case, no matter its design has how have innovation, unwarrantable you can succeed. However I think, your game is less, should explore innovation more, ” the war that this is me ” let me more believed firmly this. I think to small group, only way makes the kind that differs with your work namely.

Above all, you should make a good game. In real research and development before a game, had better be to make originality prototype first, and should invite someone else trial, and give out feedback opinion, pass the test of players, you can satisfy the requirement of community not only, the play that still can see oneself one step by step become better. Nevertheless, listen to feedback and letting a player completely decide is two things, after all the game developer that you just are major, kwiatkowski says, I more the strategy that apt adopts a doctor, ask their feeling, but do not ask they want make it specific what kind of.

Another wins the support of players more importantly namely, the public praise that relies on a player travels. As a small group, you spell user purchasing power impossibly with big company, because of this players approbate appear very important, for get through community of each platform player, ground of 11Bit Studios do one’s best rolled out Mac, PC, Linux, PS4 and Xbox One, IOS and Android version, although Mac and Linux version took 5% right-and-left income only, but they think this is very necessary, although mix Windows version photograph is very lower than income, but economic income is not the most important, because our engine crosses platform, the cost that makes much version so is bear hard, but join Linux and Mac game community are more important thing, their participation is spent very tall, the game that also assists us undertook public praise is publicized, so I thank them on behalf of 11Bit.

Besides, this independent atelier also lets a person to the manner of pilfer edition unimaginably queer, because this company bought the player of game to still offer free edition to thinking, so besides the 100 much sales volume besides PC platform, the player measure with this real play actually taller, proving a player adequately is to be willing had better game buys sheet. Not come singly but in pairs, win 2015 year game ” koradji 3 ” although price is very high, and also do not have DRM policy, but still created 6 weeks of sales volume of 6 million, to development business CD Projekt RED brought 578 million yuan net gain.

11Bit atelier expresses, some people are not willing to buy this game, and the edition defeating solution that selects play, we can understand the hardships of the life, we also had had like a sport but when canning not afford. So we offerred play directly the download of complete and free edition, you can pay fee, also can win this game directly.

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