” ghost sob 4 special edition ” ground connection of the interpreter in the official enrages 8 Dai Zuzong attack to invite person laugh in season

Card general sky was recently ” ghost sob 4: Special edition ” act of the character in increasing, this game 2015 put on sale, after the government updates Chinese, a lot of players reviewed this to make again, increase on Steam reputably while still express really sweet. ” ghost sob 4: Special edition ” it is the behavioral venture game that a Capcom makes intercurrent carry out. Compare ” ghost sob 4 ” , game undertakes be optimizinged substantially to content of a lot of original. Join ” VERGIL GAME ” , ” LADY/TRISH GAME ” , the toll-gate of Dan Ding and Ni Lu can use Weijier, Lady, emerald green Xi Chang to play, still have dub of brand-new Japanese sound actor. Game demarcate edition is increased Lady, emerald green the special dress on the west, PC edition still has ” incomparable mode ” , support 1080p, 60 frame picture is qualitative. Players express to be translated this in the official special ” ground connection is angry ” , it is very strange that the interpreter of a few skills is looked at, 8 acting forebears, happy dartle came out, let a person find both funny and annoying. But overall for, sincerity of sky blocking general is full, be worth affirmation.

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