[what does egg biscuit doohickey have]

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Egg biscuit this kind of food tastes not only the fragrance of the egg, and edible mouthfeel also is not Chang Song to change, suit to feedA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Used multitude is very extensive also, if master its to make a method, can enjoy this kind of cate at any time and place in the home so, still can assure the making sanitation of egg biscuit at the same time, and the quality feeding capable person of the choice, hold to edible egg to be able to enhance immune power, so what does egg biscuit doohickey have?

What does egg biscuit doohickey have

The first, what does egg biscuit doohickey have? The butter that do not have salt places room temperature bate, put into agitate basin next, use a hand to change eggbeater mix to soft butterfat shape. Add candy pink cent 3 times, join every time mix to become white with respect to agitate. Add yoke one by one, join every time mix with respect to agitate even. Again will already the pink of sift out kind join, cut edge agitate to mix conglomerate form from edge of basin bottom sweep with drawknife. Use next last since the bag that keep film, put freezer to refrigerate half hours withShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Make its flabby on. Take the dough with flabby already particle with the hand, make an appointment with into the diameter with palmar rub 1.51000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Centimeter pellet form. Put in next already the blast of paper of the bake on Ning dish on. Put already the oven of warm-up, bake with 170 degrees make an appointment with 12-15 minute can.

What does egg biscuit doohickey have

The 2nd, egg white, in the recipient that yoke depart puts anhydrous not to have oil respectively. Add egg white a few lemon juice first, cent second join candy of 10g Bai Sha, egg white dismisses to rigid epispastic. odd 5g Bai Sha candy joins yoke, hit to with eggbeater hoar can. Take the egg white that dismiss 1/3 and the yoke that dismiss to break up mix even hind, in the egg white that puts the rest to dismiss, break up since another mix even. Divide nextLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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2 times the sieve enters low pink and milk powder, break up mix even. The egg that has mixed is burnt, spend into back up inside bag, impact spreads good oilpaper bake dish inside, can squeeze a circle to also can be squeezed into strip appearance. Squeezing while oven warm-up. Will bake dish put oven inside, 150 degrees bake 20 minutes or so. A few minutes of attentions do not bake paste finally, the temperature of every oven is different, but oneself are moved appropriately. Cookie is taken out after been bake, put cool hind load sealed bottle inside.

What does egg biscuit doohickey have

What does egg biscuit doohickey have? Make this egg actually stuff of small biscuit need is exceedingly simple also, we need the yoke of the egg, still have fine saccharic with low muscle flour, feed material to be able to make the egg small cookie with a sweet crisp with respect to these, above all we go in the yoke of the egg first two, actually you still are laying two entire eggs, then we are entered again a few Bai Sha candy, take Bai Sha candy inside the basin later, we take eggbeater again, begin high-speed to dismiss egg, when the beginning that our egg dismisses appears grain when, then our reoccupy low speed begins to arrange the bleb inside, if you want to eatFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Particularly exquisite small biscuit, certainForum of Shanghai night net

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What should dismiss is a bit more exquisite.

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