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Carotene and vitamin A these two kinds of microelement are human body in indispensable, but the to carotene and vitamin A demand in each individual body is different. And in carotene and vitamin A on these two kinds of microelement, a few relations still exist between them, because carotene is in in human body below some kind of condition,can change into vitamin A, but what is the distinction of carotene and vitamin A?

Carotene and vitamin A

The main distinction of carotene and vitamin A is as follows:

1, vitamin A belongs to vitamin of fat dissolve sex, inside body of consist in animal, and carotene; is contained only inside frond

2, carotene is OK inside human body A; of translate into vitamin

Carotene and vitamin A

3, inside human body, the absorption of vitamin A and carotene the process is different. The absorption of vitamin A is absorb actively, need energy, absorbFall in love with the sea to be the same asLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Rate compares carotene fast 7-30 times. The absorption of carotene is physics diffusible, uptake and intake how many relevant. The absorption of carotene place is in small intestine, carotene is contained inside small intestine cell double oxidation is enzymatic, in its action falls1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The carotene that enters small intestine cell is decomposed to be inspect yellow aldehyde or inspect Huang Chun.

Carotene is a kind of material that has physiology active, can change into vitamin A inside animal body, medicable nyctalopia, disease of dry small hole and epithelial tissue horn change disease; to have restrain immune active cell to passForum of Shanghai night net

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Spend reaction, temper by dipping in water destroys cause immune low-key to cross oxide, maintain liquidity of film drifting voice, conduce to the film that keeps immune function to need accepting body position, to immune adjustment element release effective.

Carotene and vitamin A

Pass afore-mentioned mechanisms, enhanced lymphocyte, gigantic sneer fineShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Afterbirth or NK cell fight tumor function, wait for the effect that has remarkable precaution and improvement to cancer of lung cancer, esophagus, scale cancer especially, reason is had prevent cancer, fight cancer, fight anile action, anticarcinogen can be done on medical industryNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Because; has resistance the action of freedom radical, chronic of ill to the heart and vessels etc has remedial effect.

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