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To be cold can enter a special phase immediately later, the problem that in this moment people can have a lot of is appearing, because the problem that how ferment dough became everybody to pay close attention to for instance is in below frozen environment, dough is very difficult barmy, and time is very long, send dough almost, want to pass a few very long hours, unlike is day of heat when so fast, how does flour ferment is ability a few faster?

 How does flour ferment fast

How does flour of to be cold ferment

1, yeast first activation

When weather is colder, notice yeast wants above all first activation. If use bright yeast, can use its Wen Shuirong to change, join flour to counteract divide evenly in proportion again, buy warmth is in, wait for its to ferment. Had better use the warm hot water of 35-45 Celsius, activation is controlled 10 minutes.

2, Wen Shui knead dough

Want to make flour ferments normally, the temperature of water should note on knead dough, 30 degrees of right-and-left Wen Shui are more appropriate. Still can add bit of candy to promote yeast to ferment appropriately.

3, lid doughLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city

The lid is wet basket cloth, last film. After become reconciled face, in the basket cloth with the wet embellish on dough upper cover, it is again above face basin enclothe last film, undertake falling next oneForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Pace, put its warm place, ferment.

4, hot lukewarm ferment

Ferment the mainest is temperature, it is OK to want to be able to make temperature was achieved only. Can adopt leave a few way:

 How does flour ferment fast

(1) the balcony, mansion child bottom. Dough ferments, temperature must want to achieve, not be otherwise be not sent even if time is too long. According to respective different condition, it is OK to choose the place in the homeA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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. When the sun is good midday, can put the balcony, a tall building child next; If the ground is warm, if the temperature in house is high, can put on the ground.

(2) microwave oven, oven. Water is entered in the bowl, after heating, put in face basin, close the door. Spend some of time, heat water again, leave to the face.

(3) air conditioning is blown. An a place with a draught that lets air conditioning to face basin, support air conditioning sends out the heating power that give makes dough ferments. This method ferments time is relatively longer.

(4) blanket of radiator, electric heat. Put face basin park radiator, perhaps spread hard paper, put reportSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Heat on hot blanket, also be feasible.

(5) in radiative water. Water is added in boiler, after burning heat, face basin whole in sitting into hot water, wait for dough to ferment. This is an old way, although bother, but very be convenient to use, the face leaves very quickly. Note nominal hot water temperature cannot too tall, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Can iron dead yeast otherwise, it is under 60 Celsius.

 How does flour ferment fast

(6) central heating bag, hot the warmer end of kang. This is the most practical and reliable traditional old way. But there is not this condition mostly now. Coal furnace is born in the country namely, cover with tiles with cement porcelain the central heating on base is wrapped, temperature amounts to mark absolutely above. Shanghai noble baby

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Still have what burn bake or dry by the heat of a fire then, want to put face basin on hot the warmer end of kang only, the quilt on the lid, the area has fermented very quickly. And the steamed bread that bakes firewood evaporate to come out with big iron bowl especially sweet.

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