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In the life, children likes to drink coke most, be in especially summer when, the coke of iced is the most welcome, but should remind everybody to notice, coke is carbonic acid beverage of the standard, cannot be drunk too much so, coke of dot classics tipple is very big to dental harm, drink coke additionally adverse also to health of intestines and stomach, must control an amount so, so after drinking coke how long can you just drink milk?

Drink coke how long can you drink milk?

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Drink coke how long can you drink milk?

Milk and coke mix is those who be no good oh, there is much carbonic acid material inside coke, can combine the calcium in milk, form not dissolve the calcium carbonate at water, such bodies cannot absorb calcium, the burden of aggravating still intestines and stomach. Feel milk does not have olfactory word, adding one spoon honey is best choice. Still should drink milk so still is to lie between period of time to drink coke to had been compared again.

If drink coke first, interval can drink milk ten minutes, if drink milk first have to a hour of or so ability drinks interval butLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Happy, can avoid both mix inside gastric bowel.

Drink coke how long can you drink milk?

Milk and coke both are not congenial drink, milk belongs to milk products drink, and coke belongs to carbonic acid beverage.

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Proposal: Basically both is OK at any time drinkable, but in view of the age, still drink coke less as far as possible had better, carbonShanghai Long Feng forum

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Acid although beverage is good drink, but also have proper corrupt practice, long-term and drinkable, can have certain disadvantage to airframe.

Milk nutrition is rich, still contain rich calcium, it is the main source that human body calcium needs to measure, calcic suction receives the effect of a few elements, the carbonic acid composition in coke can affect calcic absorption, because this milk and carbonic acid beverage had better not be drunk together, drink milk about two hours can be absorbed completely, because coke is drunk again after these two hours.

Drink coke how long can you drink milk?

Drink milk how long later just can drink coke, Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Without this kind of limitation, the main recipe of coke is open, coke burden is candy, soda (carbon dioxide and waterForum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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) , caramel, phosphoric acid, caffein, inside different country and area, the recipe of coke won’t be identical, the burden part that contains local distinguishing feature conduces to those who get used to each district client savouring.

Because coke belongs to carbonic acid beverage, when motion hydrochloric acid in gastric juice can increase, drink carbonic acid beverage, such meetings cause soda acid lopsided, drink milk to make metabolization of muscle lactic acid difficult, the feeling is lack of power, tired. Calcium carbonate can react with hydrochloric acid in gastric juice, the burden that increased a stomach namely as a result, had better not drink so so.

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