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In the period of time that just was born, the mother can be nursed to darling and milk powder, when after darling grows a deciduous teeth, can increase slowly a few complementary fed. Just began to be fed to darling complementary feedLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The food that digest, the intestines and stomach that brings about darling easily otherwise is unwell. In darling 11 months when, some parents can feed noodle to darling. So, what is the practice of noodle of 11 months darling?

Practice of noodle of 11 months darling

Method / measure

Prepare data, spinach 200 grams, flour is right amount, egg, juicer, darling is unripe smoke right amount, sesame oil or olive oil is right amount.

Clean spinach clean above all, must choose fresh spinach, fresh spinach darling ate more healthy, and fresh spinach gives juice compare much.

After letting, put spinach in juicer, extract spinach juice, spinachForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Broken bits is refuse, spinach juice is staying to reserve.

Right amount flour is put in the basin, put an egg, enter juice of right amount spinach next, fall less a bit, the edge kneads dough to pour water by the side of, mix almost this appearance is OK. The cap on the lid wakes 20 minutes.

After the area has waked, begin to make noodles, if you are novice proposal little roll a bit, what I prepare is a bit much, become face roll a big chip, scatter on right amount flour, fold rise cut noodle. Love Shanghai is the same as a city

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Right amount water is added in boiler, noodle falls after water leaves, the 3-5 that boil minute, the cook time that darling takes is longer, but also do not want too long, boil panada otherwise.

Come to the noodle fish out that thoroughly cook, be born into right amount darling smoke, sesame oil, mix is even, OK, darling had better not not eat salt to 1 year old.

Encyclopedia of cookbook of 11 months darling reachs a way:

Congee of 1. millet yam

Raw material: Bright yam, millet, white sugar.

Practice: yam abluent dolly, boil together with millet for congee, add white sugar next right amount, hollow edible.

Effect: Can treat taste element theory, dyspeptic, defecate rare jalf congealed.

Congee of broken bits of 2. carrot corn

Raw material: Corn broken bits, carrot

Practice: Boil corn broken bits first sodden, hind carrot mincing put, thoroughly cook, hollow feed.

Effect: Disappear is fed change sluggish, be good at lienal stop dysentery.

3. eight treasures congee

Raw material: Polished glutinous rice, red jujube, ormosia, longan flesh, lotus seed, earthnut, walnut each are right amount

Practice: The infusion inside electric meal Bao will be entered together after raw material is abluent put crystal sugar into congee can.

Effect: Comprehensive and compensatory nutriment, powerful body be good at head.

4. cruelly oppress is loose congee

Practice of noodle of 11 months darling

Raw material: Rice, cruelly oppress is loose, spinach

Practice: rice pan clean, boiled water immerses 1 hour, put even water bowl inside, flourishing fire is boiled, change low baking temperature to boil to ropy.

spinach abluent, iron with boiled water, cut broken end, put congee inside, join piscine dried meat floss, salt, mix up taste, boil a few minutes to be become namely with low baking temperature.

Effect: Compensatory protein and calcium are qualitative.

Silk of green parrot of 5. red mouth

Raw material: Soup of tomato, spinach, bean curd, chop, vermicelli, green.

Practice: Iron tomato with boiled water, take out skin, cut shiver.

Spinach leaf is abluent, boiled water is scooped up go down careless tannic acid, bean curd of again mincing; is mincing.

Put a few oil, with boiler of mincing choke of chopped green onion, enter chop boiling water, burn boil. Enter tomato and spinach part of a historical period boiler1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Inside, boil a little while slightly. The noodle with very fine rejoin, noodle is soft can give boiler.

Pineapple slices of fish meat

Raw material: Silver-colored cod, pineapple, egg white, purificatory oil, salt, white sugar, yellow rice or millet wine, water is amylaceous.


1.Silver-colored cod flesh cuts an account, with starch of salt, egg white, water size mixes divide evenly.

2.Pineapple flay is cut piece.

Practice of noodle of 11 months darling

3.The get angry that fry pan puts oil to burn to 3 maturity, enter slippery oil of slices of fish meat, put pineapple piece with slippery oil, fish out, drop works.

4.Water of a few soup is put in leaving a few to fry pan oilily, add salt, gourmet powder, yellow rice or millet wine, white sugar to be burned, enter slices of fish meat and pineapple piece, tick off Gorgon euryale to break up fry even, drench oil has pot can.

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