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To lotus seed cake this is planted sweetmeats, very may much person has had eaten, like to drink the friend of early tea and afternoon tea especially, because lotus seed cake suits to match dish to eat together very much, can counteract sweet taste. To lotus seed cake, can alleviate not only emptyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

Love Shanghai is the same as a city
The abdomen drinks the secondary action that tea brings, OK still abdomen of fill in a form and submit it to the leadership and the carbohydrate that compensatory body needs. We let study the making method of lotus seed cake together below, hope everybody can start work more attempt.

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The making method of lotus seed cake

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Raw material

[Dry lotus seed] [alkaline face] [white sugar]Shanghai Long Feng forum

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[Candy sweet-scented osmanthus] [agaragar]

The making method of lotus seed cake

The method that make:

Will dry lotus seed is put inside earthenware pot, add alkaline area, irrigate with boiled water after ironing, brush agitate brush a few minutes with bamboo instantly, pour water.

Press then on the law undertakes 2 times, until brush leather all, when lotus seed shows white, bathe becomes heart of lotus of take out of; general lotus seed namely completely, bubble is in cold water basin, on basket evaporate of the fire that use flourishing is taken out half hours, make friends has broken collect into lotus seed fine and soft. Agaragar puts a basin inside, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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On basket evaporate of the fire that use flourishing changes sweet-scented osmanthus of fine and soft of; general lotus seed and white sugar, candy to be put in cupreous boiler together1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
In, after boiling water boil slow with low baking temperature, enter agaragar divide evenly of the agitate inside boiler, boil 5 minutes, foam of take out float, enter dish in air is cool, put freezer cooling, condense to be become namely.

The cake of gust of the Han nationality that lotus seed cake is Beijing summer tradition kind fastfood. Lotus seed cake is made careful, quality of a material is exquisite sweet bright, sweet soft slip, have full-bodied lotus seed sweet smell.

The making method of lotus seed cake

The nutrient value of lotus seed is higher, contain rich protein, adipose with carbohydrate, the calcium in lotus seed, phosphor and potassium content are very rich, outside removing the part that can make skeleton and tooth, still have stimulative cruor, make certain enzymatic activation, maintain nerve conductibility, composed nerve, maintain the function such as the section law of sarcous retractility and heartbeat. Rich phosphor still is the main component of nucleolus albumen, help airframe undertakes protein, adipose, saccharide metabolizes, maintain soda acid balance, also have main effect to the formation of spermatozoon. Lotus seed has the effect that raises a heart to calm the nerves. In old people especially brainworker often edible, can be good at head, enhance memory, improve work efficiency and can prevent the happening of senile domentia. Taste of lotus seed heart is extremely bitter, have distinct strong heart effect however, can the week outside dilate is hemal, reduce blood pressure. Lotus heart still has go very well the effect of internal heat, remedial talking around gives birth to sore, aid at Morpheus. Lotus seed is beneficial heart filling kidney, be good at lienal stop the action that essence of have diarrhoea, solid calms the nerves.

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